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Fool Moon  - Jim Butcher, James Marsters Ok, so I liked James Marsters' narration again, and I liked the story for the most part. It was a little too full of only werewolves for my taste; sort of seemed like everyone and his brother was either a werewolf or conspiring with oodles of them. The main problem I had with this book is that Harry himself was so brooding! "Oh, it's all my fault!" "Oh, I got all of these people into this mess!" "Oh, I have so much innocent blood on my hands!" Crikey! Suck it up, baby! In the first place, it wasn't true, and in the second place, Dresden's constant whining about it made him look less like he had an ethical streak, and more like he needed a security blanket!

In Storm Front Harry was much more hard-boiled, much more noir-esque than in Fool Moon. In Storm Front he was like Sam Spade, only magical. In this one he was less Sam Spade and more Joel Cairo, the whiney guy from The Maltese Falcon who was always getting his butt handed to him in a fight. Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration--Cairo did cry an awful lot more than Dresden did, but I do hope that Dresden returns in the next book as more of a hardened guy, and less of a brooding, self-flagellating, cry baby.