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Open Wide: Tooth School Inside - Laurie Keller One day, when my niece was in kindergarten (4 years ago now!), the dentist came to school and taught the children about dental hygiene. I would have a hard time believing that any child has come away from the dental hygiene unit as excited as my niece. She came home and drew a person with an itty bitty body and an enormous head full of teeth, along with his huge red toothbrush overflowing with toothpaste. She used her little two minute timer diligently (until her conscientiousness kept causing her mother to miss the bus). From that day to this, my niece has maintained that she wants to be a dentist when she grows up. Or a demolition derby driver. Apparently she's keeping her options open.

I checked out Open Wide : Tooth School Inside for my niece knowing that she would think it was great. She enjoyed this book a great deal, especially the pages in which she learned what teeth are made of, what each type of tooth is called and what those teeth do when we eat (incisors cut, canines tear, premolars crush, and molars grind), and she enjoyed learning what baby teeth are good for (more than one might expect).

The book probably sits at about 3.5 stars for me, because it isn't an easy book to read aloud. The pages are packed with text that runs unbridled all over the pages, illustrations that are popping with detail, and all kinds of funny little bits that are easy to miss in a read aloud situation. This is a book that works best when time is taken to really examine each page. There is a lot of good, entertaining, and informative stuff here, though, and I do hope that this book will at least help to influence my niece more toward dentistry, and less toward her more recent consideration of career options in the world of junk car mash ups.