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Oh No!: Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World - Mac Barnett, Dan Santat I added Oh No! to our reading list after:

1) seeing that so many of my Goodreads friends have read this.

2) seeing that it pertained to a girl doing a science project.

3) seeing that it sort of had a graphic novel flavor.

My niece loves science, and I want to encourage that, so if we have books about a science fair project going haywire, so much the better. Sometimes our scientific endeavors get away from us, after all, and a little fun mayhem never hurts in a story. My niece also likes graphic novels, so I was pretty sure she was going to like this one, and she did. It was just completely her cup of tea.

What I did not know was my nephew was also going to love this book! It had a crazy robot destroying a city! That is little boy heaven, right there!

We do our reading in the car while we wait at the bus stop for their mother. Those kids were practically crawling over the back of the front seats in order to get their noses closer to this book. They wedged each other between the two bucket seats, and I had to unstick them! I thought the book was fine, cute for what it was, but I didn't adore it (certainly not enough to get myself wedged into a tight space in order to get closer to the book). The kids did have a lot of fun with this, though, and that is good enough for me.