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Magic Trixie and the Dragon - Jill Thompson Magic Trixie and the Dragon was a 3.5 to 4 star book for my niece, nephew and me. I checked the book out for my niece, but it was my nephew who asked if we could read this. It involved dragons, you see, and to a four year old boy dragons are pretty cool.

My niece likes Magic Trixie, and she likes books in graphic novel format. Trixie seemed a little more grown up in this issue (like my niece), and more is being expected of her (like my niece). My niece shares Trixie's growing pains--my girl could relate to Trixie trying to find a balance between satisfying her child(ish) desires, and understanding the world at a higher level and living up to greater expectations and responsibilities. Sometimes that's a tough balance for a kid to find. In this respect, I think there was a bit of unexpected depth to Magic Trixie and the Dragon that my niece "got."

My nephew also appreciated this book. The dragons were cool, and he could certainly relate to accidentally doing things that were probably highly likely to bring about undesireable consequences in the form of "being in so much trouble with Mom." He hasn't really cared about any of the previous Magic Trixie books, but there was a lot that he could understand in this one, and he rather enjoyed it. This is a lengthy book for a four year old (96 pages), but his attention span did not falter.

In the past I haven't really made too much of an attempt to read Magic Trixie aloud to the kids. Graphic novels are not easily read out loud, and I did struggle with that a bit as I read this tonight. There were some rough sentences, and there were a few times that I had to check pagination because ideas seemed incomplete in parts and I thought we'd maybe lost a page out of the book. So there were some bumpy parts, but Trixie herself was more tolerable in this one, and I liked that the kids were into this.