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Nic Bishop: Marsupials - Nic Bishop Marsupials contains great photos (as expected from Nic Bishop), but I was also impressed with the wide range of marsupials covered in this book! There were animals in here that I had never heard of before. Unfortunately, there weren't photos of every one of the animals that Bishop mentioned, but he did state that many of these marsupials are rare, and that makes them very difficult to capture on film.

In addition to presenting "new" animals, Bishop also highlighted all kinds of lesser known facts about familiar animals.

Marsupials was probably just a little bit too long for my four year old nephew and eight year old niece. They heard the whole book, but about half way to 3/4 of the way through I found that I was paraphrasing much of the information presented on each page. There was just a little bit of information overload for my little relatives, and it just became clear that they needed me to help them process things in more bite-sized pieces. They still seemed to appreciate this book, though, and they liked the text and the photos in equal measure. Another great book for marsupial units in school, or for kids needing to write a report about these creatures.