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Commander Toad in Space - Jane Yolen I originally checked out Commander Toad in space for my niece. I was wanting an early reader sci-fi book for her, and this fit the bill. My niece liked the book, but I was absolutely stunned by my nephew's reaction to it!

He is four, so I really thought that this book would be too long for him, but that boy was over the moon about Commander Toad in Space! He said, "That was a good adventure," and he was immediately asking me to read the book again. He even loved a couple of pages right out of the book (oops). I mean, Commander Toad was right up there with Spider-Man and Iron Man for him, and nobody gets close to those guys! He reminded me three times tonight to make sure to check out Commander Toad and the Space Pirates for our next story time. I think we have a winner!