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Spiders - Nic Bishop If, like me, you are not fond of spiders, then this book is going to make your skin crawl. But you should still read it. The information in this book is interesting and it's presented in a way that really turns "eew, spiders," into "cool, spiders!" My nephew is also not a huge spider fan, and when we started reading this book he was covering his eyes. By the time we were several pages in, however, he was remarking upon how neat some of the spiders looked, was naming the green ones as his favorites, and was even asking questions about them that were not along the lines of, "Can that spider kill people?"

Nic Bishop's photographs were spectacular and fascinating, and even if this book can't be appreciated for the subject, it can certainly be appreciated for the photography. I was captivated by his notes at the end that addressed how he obtained some of these beautiful photos. In fact, I think those notes actually made me enjoy the subject more.