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Finn Throws a Fit - David Elliott My niece, nephew, and I read Finn Thows a Fit this afternoon, and I was really surprised that they weren't more engaged by this book. My nephew told me that he likes longer books, but this one wasn't very long. Well, just because Finn's fit was shorter than his fits tend to be....

I really think that adults are more likely to be the ones who get enjoyment out of Finn Throws a Fit. No adult who has been in the vicinity of a childing pitching a tantrum would argue with the notion that tantrums resemble raging storms, and no adult would argue that children have natures that can change in the blink of an eye. David Elliott and Timothy Basil Ering do a great job of capturing the way a child's fit can make an adult's world feel like a natural disaster is in progress (the pictures in particular are highly entertaining). Sadly, the children I read this book to weren't able to identify with a tantrum as seen from an adult's point of view, so much of the humor in this book was completely lost on them. That's not to say they don't understand fits; they have each auditioned to be a Finn stand-in on several ear-piercing and headache inducing occasions.