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City Dog, Country Frog - Mo Willems, Jon J. Muth Frankly, I was really surprised to see that this was written by Mo Willems! I don't mean that to be insulting, but honestly, this seemed so different from what I'm used to seeing from him. This was a really bittersweet story, and while the text was very minimal, the pictures by Jon J. Muth were exquisitly beautiful lessons in light and color used to evoke seasons and emotion. Willems' text and Muth's art complimented each other beautifully, and really came together to tell a heartfelt story!

The story was one that clearly stirred the emotions of my niece and nephew. They loved the friendship that developed between City Dog and Country Frog, and oh my, did they ever debate the exact nature of what transpired at the end of this book! This tale alternately soothed them and ruffled them, and really, I think that's a fine indicator of great storytelling. This was worth reading.