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Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers: How a First Lady Changed America - Kathi Appelt, Joy Fisher Hein I have always liked Lady Bird Johnson. She was a classy First Lady, and let's face it, she must have had some kind of grit to live with and love Lyndon Baines Johnson (also someone I admire, and feel unease about in equal measure)!

This was a lovely biography of Mrs. Johnson, and it focused on how her love of nature, and flowers in particular, sustained her throughout her life. My grandmother and grandfather were gardeners, and their love of gardening has been passed down through three generations of their family. There is something enriching and edifying in planting beautiful flowers and tending them, and in my family's case, and it sounds like in Lady Bird's case, the love of flowers and beauty in nature is a connection to family and to the past. I identified with and appreciated this well told story and beautifully illustrated book, and so did my niece.

The story might be a bit lengthy for younger children, but for children who like non-fiction, or for older kids who might be studying historical figures, this book is a nice choice. My niece listened attentively to this story, and she studied the detail in the beautiful pictures. We found Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers to be a pretty, and interesting read, and we recommend it to other flower lovers.