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How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? - Jane Yolen, Mark Teague I agree with other reviewers that this story is an entertaining "appropriate bedtime behavior" book. There wasn't anything in here that wasn't likable. But the kids that I read this to weren't terribly impressed.

My niece liked it just fine, I suppose, although I don't know if she actually heard it. She was intent on finding the name of the dinosaur hidden on every page, so I really don't think her primary aim was to hear the story.

My nephew just didn't tune in, which really surprised me. He likes dinosaurs as much as the next kid, and these dinosaurs were funny, which I thought would be right up his alley. Huh. Well, he was completely indifferent.

The book is all of the great things that other reviewers say it is. I just think its greatness was sort of lost on the children I read it to.