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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - Eric Carle, Bill Martin Jr. I've always thought that this was a good book, and I can certainly see the mertis of this for a young child. Tonight, though, it may have become one of my favorite books.

My nephew was packing up his backpack for show-and-share day tomorrow, and this book went into the bag. It was rewarding enough to see my nephew choose to take a book to show-and-share, but then he pulled this back out of his bag, and actually started "reading" it out loud, at first to himself, and then to his mom, sister, and me! That was just the best! Definitely cute, definitely sweet, definitely rewarding, and definitely something I won't forget! There's not much that's better than seeing a boy with an open book in his lap. I so want him to enjoy reading, so the whole experience made me so proud and happy!