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The Fall of the House of Usher/The Pit & the Pendulum/Other Tales of Mystery & Imagination (Classic Fiction) - Edgar Allan Poe, William Roberts I reviewed each of the stories read on this audiobook individually, so I'll just review this collection and this audiobook.

The collection of stories compiled here were a good mixture of some of Poe's more famous works, and some of his lesser-known titles, which I appreciated. Unfortunately, when these stories were read together, one thing became obvious to me: Poe seemed a little obsessed with walling people up or burying them alive. I mean, the guy is a master, but a little variety in the method of disposing of someone would have added a little more spice to these tales.

The narrator of this audiobook was probably a perfectly acceptable choice. His voice did lend itself very nicely to the melodrama inherent in some of these stories. He was decent, but I won't be likely to put him up there with the likes of Barbara Rosenblat or Lisette Lecat.