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Bunny Money - Rosemary Wells My niece, nephew and I all liked Bunny Money. My nephew asked for a second reading, too. The story is great for giving kids a visual aid as we learn about "Where Money Goes." My niece and nephew are always hearing, "No, we don't have enough money for that," or "Sorry, Honey, I don't have any money today," and I don't know if they really get what that means. Seeing the money disappearing out of Ruby's wallet as she and her brother indulge in wants, and take care of needs was just brilliant, I thought! Even my four year old nephew could see that when the money's gone, it's gone, and he could see where it went and what the consequences of those purchases were. Fabulous! Now I can remind him of Ruby's empty wallet the next time *my* wallet is empty, and maybe he'll get what I'm saying--I almost can't wait to be broke again so that I can try that out on him! :-)

In addition, this money lesson was brilliantly disguised as great entertainment. The story was clever and funny, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, they now want to get *their* grandmother glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth for *her* birthday, so that should be a nice surprise for her. :-)