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Max's Dragon Shirt - Rosemary Wells My nephew liked Max's Dragon Shirt, and he really seemed to identify with Max's desire to have such an awesome thing in his wardrobe. My nephew is a clothes horse, and the more eye-popping and cool the shirt, the better. He was feeling Max on this one. :-)

There is all kinds of stuff in here that adults could object to; leaving kids without adult supervision, an ending that said very little about the dangers of wandering off alone, the implantation of the idea that in order to get what you want, make it so it has to be purchased, the idea that pants cost $5.00 at a department store (although rabbit pants certainly couldn't cost more than $5.00).... If you tend to be careful about what messages are presented to kids in books, then you should probably pre-read this one first. On the other hand, it's just a story aimed at pre-schoolers about bunny rabbits who like awesome shirts.