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Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 2 - Kanata Konami Ok, first off, *I* would not consider Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 2 to be a five star book. It's cute, but I liked Volume 1 better. I didn't think that this one was as touching, funny, or sweet as the first volume. On the other hand, it was good to see Chi's world expand here, and there was a slight reduction in Chi's "baby talk," which I did appreciate!

My eight year old niece thought that this volume was funnier than the first, however, and at several points she was laughing out loud. The five stars represent her take on Volume 2. I noticed that in addition to entertaining her, this book also presented her with some new words (e.g., asserts, encounters, aggravates, and defiant), and she asked me what all of those words meant. Literacy, and vocabulary expansion along with entertainment is always good, so as long as she keeps expressing interest in Chi, I'll keep bringing these books to her.