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Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 1 - Kanata Konami My friend Pam knew that I was considering a foray into the world of graphic novels, and one day I came into work and saw Chi's Sweet Home smiling at me from my desk--a recommendation from Pam.

Chi really couldn't be a cuter kitten, and the story of Chi's adventures and antics will ring true for many (all?) cat owners. The book was sweet, funny, and surprisingly touching, and the art was bright, peppy and fun. Pam was right, though, the story is a bit juvenile, and that is especially emphasized by Chi's occasional "baby talk," which did kind of get on my nerves.

Since the book is somewhat juvenile, I handed it off to my eight year old niece to read. She read the entire book in about an hour, and I have never seen her so excited about a book that she couldn't put it down! She adored this little story, and as soon as she finished it she asked me if there is a volume 2 that she can read.

So, as for my foray into graphic novels, well, this was a nice little introduction. I haven't yet made up my mind as to whether or not this genre is for me, but my niece likes it, and if it gets her to read, then it's got merit. Guess I'll check out volume 2!