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Clouds - Anne F. Rockwell, Frané Lessac My niece studied clouds last year, so I thought that she'd enjoy this book. She did enjoy it to some degree, but apparently she "knows everything about clouds now," so I don't think that this book really impressed Her Majesty as much as it would have had she been a complete rube. :-) Nevertheless, she did listen to the book, and seemed most interested when we were able to take the information from the book and compare it to the kinds of clouds we see most often where we live, vs. the kinds of clouds that can be seen most often in Colorado (her mother's and my place of origin). She also seemed extremely interested in the cloud creation expriment at the end of the book, and I'm sure she'd have not hesitated to try this if we'd have had the materials on hand. This would be a great book for inclusion in the elementary classroom's science shelf.