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11 Experiments That Failed - Jenny Offill, Nancy Carpenter My niece read this on her own over the weekend, and then we read it together today. I asked her what she thought of it, and she said, "I *loved* it! It was just great! And it was funny, and it also inspired me to try my own science experiment!" Naturally, I was delighted by this. Her question was, "Will regular liquids turn into fizzy liquids?" According to her, her hypothesis was, "Yes. If I stir them." Apparently her hypothesis turned out to be correct, especially with vigorous stirring. :-) 11 Experiments That Failed did just what I wanted it to do. Using humor, it showed my niece the *basics* of the scientific method, and it encouraged her to come up with, design, and execute her own experiment using the scientific method.

The experiments done in this book probably do stray into the territory of "ill-advised," but that's where the humor comes in, and that's what makes this book most appopriate for kids who are mature enough to realize that story book behavior used for comic effect is not always appropriate behavior for real life. These funny experiments also open the door for discussion about how when we push the limits of knowledge we might have to prepare ourselves for unexpected or undesirable results. The book could even open the door to a discussion about ethics in science. Teachers or parents could get lots of mileage out of this book!