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The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise - Julia Stuart The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise was so infused with melancholy, that in my mind's eye I pictured every day in this book to be a grey, overcast, drizzly, cold day. I really did not think that this book was going to be anything that I was going to like, because I usually do not care for melancholy or bittersweet stories. I'm happy, but sensitive by nature, and I don't tend to like books that bring tears to my eyes, or that make me feel like I've got a huge lump in my throat or an ache in my heart. This book made me feel that way on many occasions.

BUT... It was also funny, quirky, sweet, and uplifting. It showcased the power of love, and the ways in which humans (and animals) need each other, especially when we hurt the most and may have a natural tendency to push each other away. The book was touching, and entertaining, and there wasn't a character in here that I wasn't rooting for. I am in awe of how well Julia Stuart took a filling of love, wrapped it in profound grief, and served it with a topping of sparkling humor. Truly masterful, delicious writing.