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Boneshaker - Cherie Priest I almost liked Boneshaker enough to give it a 4 star rating--I'd probably give it 3.5. I thought that the action was pretty repetitive, and there were some ambiguities that I would have liked to have answered a bit better than they were. The book was entertaining, though, and at some point I reached a state of being unable to put the thing down. I did come to care about many of the characters, and their back stories, and I thought that most of the characters were all perfectly plausible and well-developed.

Living in Seattle helps me like this book more than I think I probably would have otherwise. My husband and I were downtown today, and it was so fun to look at this city through the filter of Boneshaker. It's a great city in which to set a story like this one. Old buildings with broken-out windows, beautiful filigree work on ledges that could've been designed for climbing, chipped and worn paint, and cascading fire escapes all abounded. I half expected a pack of rotters to come loping around the corner through a miasma of greenish-yellow fog!