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Deadly Web - Barbara Nadel It probably isn't fair of me to review this book, because I am not actually going to finish it (I did get about a quarter of the way through, however). I enjoyed the early books in this series, but I have gradually become bothered by the fact that the mysteries always seem to coalesce around some kind of abusive, deviant sexual behavior. Not only that, but now the sex seems to involve minors more often than not, and I'm just not going down that road. I'm disappointed. I love Ikmen, Fatma, and Suleyman. I love the setting of these books. I loved the character development (which, in my opinion, Nadel destroyed in Petrified, the previous book in this series). Unfortunately, the quality of the mysteries and the stories in this series has diminished, and the pervasiveness of the deviant sex has increased while failing to do this series any favors. I'm starting to feel like Nadel is just a one trick pony, which is a shame, because she is a talented author, and her stories read like a house afire. She doesn't need to resort to so much graphic, deviant, abusive sex, especially involving minors, to make her stories worth reading. All I'm getting out of that is the impression that Nadel lacks confidence in her own prodigious ability to write a marvelously good book.