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You Wouldn't Want to Be a Greek Athlete: Races You'd Rather Not Run - Michael  Ford The kids adored this book, but I'm pretty sure that was mainly because the athletes were bare, and there's precious little that's funnier to a kid than a bare butt. I really don't know what, if anything, my niece and nephew got out of this book, but since this is an Olympic year, I guess this coming summer I'll find out if they've retained anything from this story.

After reading this book, my niece and I realized that women have not been prominently featured in any of the books we've read from this series. I think that was really driven home to us tonight because in this book it was actively pointed out that women were second-class citizens. As a result, they were all but absent from this story, and we noticed that. I think we're both feeling a little bit like our gender is being left out of history by the books in this series, so tonight we decided that I would try to find some stories in which ladies are the main characters. Hopefully I can find some books from this series that fit the bill.