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Her Royal Spyness - Rhys Bowen Oh, I really wanted to like Her Royal Spyness. It was a fairly decent mystery. I liked the premise, and the author did a reasonably good job of setting up those red herrings. But, did I know who did it and why before the denouement? Yes. The author didn't really give me any clues that lead me to my conclusion, it's just that everything was so formulaic and predictable. Actually, I'm pretty sure a somewhat decently read monkey could have figured this one out before the end.

I also really didn't like the characters. Georgie was ok, as was her grandfather, I suppose, but the majority of the characters were so spoiled, so entitled, so out-of-touch, and so easily inclined toward the illegal, immoral, or, at the very least, improper, that I really couldn't come to like any of them. Even Georgie's grandfather, with a "desperate times call for desperate measures" kind of rationale, suggests that she break the law, and he used to be a cop! That really didn't make much sense to me, and in fact, I'm still trying to work that out.

I don't know. It had potential, but I don't think I love the main character or her world enough to come back for book two.