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I Wonder What's Under There?: A Brief History of Underwear - Deborah Nourse Lattimore At the university library where I work, the other employees and I don't exactly have lots of opportunities to fully appreciate our children's literature collection. There just aren't a lot of college students checking out The Poky Little Puppy! When I checked out this book today, the lady working the circulation desk opened the book to scan the barcode, and she and I both gasped audibly at the fantastic, brilliantly colored, eye-catching pop-up that sprang to life before our eyes. She commented, "Wow, that was exciting for us, wasn't it?!"

The book is gorgeous--you really couldn't ask for anything more from a children's book about the history of undergarments. Pop-ups, pull tabs, lift-the-flaps, lovely illustrations and colors, and informative and accessible text. My niece and I were educated and entertained by this one. My nephew laughed at the loincloths. All around, a successful read, I'd say!