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Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse - Judy Schachner Hm. Well, neither my niece, nephew, or I were all that impressed with this second Skippyjon Jones book. It was ok, certainly, and it was cute as can be (especially the ending), but the kids never got that Bobble-ito was a bobble-head toy. They couldn't figure out what Skippito was doing battle against, and the pictures of Bobble-ito in this one weren't helpful to them at all (when he did appear, he was in shadow). The wordplay in this one was pretty good, although, not as good as the first Skippyjon Jones book. There were still a few tongue-twisters for Auntie to work through. :-) So, this was an acceptable Skippyjon Jones book, but not our favorite.