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McElligot's Pool - Dr. Seuss Well, I am really puzzled by my niece and nephew's reactions to McElligot's Pool! While I was reading this to the kids, I really had the impression that neither of them were too impressed with this book. They didn't seem tuned in, they certainly didn't seem enthusiastically engaged, and I was pretty sure that they thought the book was too long. When we were done reading our stories tonight, though, I asked them which one they liked best, and this one was at the top of their list! My niece said, "It was really funny," (I didn't hear her laugh once), and my nephew said, "YEAH! I want to go fishing and catch a whale!" Ok, so he actually was listening. Huh. Funny, those didn't seem like the same kids I read the story to... But I'm glad they liked it!