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I'm Bad! - Kate McMullan, Jim McMullan Hm. It's tough to review this one. I asked my niece to read Duck! Rabbit! to my nephew tonight, and when they finished that one he asked if she could read him another book. I handed them I'm Bad. She did read the story to him, and he seemed to like it, but I was driving while they read, and I couldn't focus more fully on their reactions.

Here's what I could observe. My niece struggled with this text a bit. Since I didn't see the book, I don't know exactly what was tripping her up, but she indicated that the text is laid out in kind of a confusing way. She said that some of the words seemed complicated. I don't know why they were complicated for her. Maybe they were just unusual, perhaps they were strung together in an odd way, or maybe she just didn't understand the context or meaning of the words. Some of the puns in the story were clearly lost on her.

My nephew seemed quite engaged with the pictures, which were bright and vivid. I noticed that once we got to our destination he had the book and was looking through it all over again, and I even heard him softly repeating some bits of the story to himself. I asked him if he liked the book, and he said he did, but when I asked him if he wanted me to read it to him again, he declined.

So I'm not sure about I'm Bad. Good? Maybe. Not so good? Maybe. My niece declares I Stink to be, "much better."