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Duck! Rabbit! - Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Tom Lichtenheld Duck! Rabbit! is one book that I knew was just not going to be something I would naturally pick out to read to the kids. The cover shows the entire plot of the book, for pity sake! I thought it was going to be insubstantial, overdone, and ridiculous, and it was. But I can see why this book does appeal to kids, especially to kids that are my nephew's age (pre-school). I can also see how this book can help kids in that age range learn to see things from different perspectives.

Nevertheless, I was just choking on the idea of having to read this book, so ultimately, I didn't. Instead, I asked my niece if she would read it to her brother. For me, this gave the book much more value because it enabled her to work on her reading, her voice, her fluidity, and her expression. It also gave the kids a chance to bond over this story. My niece did a great job of reading this to my nephew. She had him cracking up, and she was even helping him to see the pictures from the different perspectives that the author/illustrator was presenting ("see, in this picture the duck's bill is in the water trying to eat the fish, and on *this* page the rabbit's ears are in the water, and his face is looking up at the sky. He's probably going to get a sunburn,"). This was a completely appropriate way to teach him, and I was impressed that she was so good at helping him to interpret the illustrations! It was very satisfying to listen to them together. Even though Duck! Rabbit! wasn't my cup of tea, the kids thought it was marvelous, and I loved that Sister and Brother were able to share this book together in such meaningful ways.