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The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher - Molly Bang This is an intriguing wordless book. The pictures are so surreal and strange, but somehow they are quite engaging. Are they neat, or are they disturbing? I can't quite make up my mind, and each time I look at the book my opinion changes. I guess this is what art is supposed to do to a viewer.

My nephew really seemed to like this book, and he asked me to read it to him again. My niece enjoyed it, as well, because she likes hide and seek books, which this kind of is. She also found the pictures to be neatly strange, and she seemed to puzzle over them as much as I did. The story is a happy one, despite the surreal quality of the pictures, and it seems to celebrate finding creative and effective solutions to difficult problems. The kids liked it, and I found it very intriguing--I guess that warrants four stars.