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Chalk - Bill Thomson Ah.... A nice rest for Auntie's voice. :-) I typically don't check out wordless books to "read" to the kids because we do a lot of our reading in the car while we wait for their mom to get off work. The car's dome light isn't the best light for a book that really requires the readers to study the pictures in order to spin the tale, but now it's staying lighter later, I thought we'd give Chalk a try.

The pictures are beautiful, which is good, and some of the pictures appealed to my niece (the butterflies), others appealed to my nephew ("that awesome dinosaur"), and still others appealed to both of them. As a result, both kids were able to enjoy this book on different levels and on similar levels, which is nice when trying to read to kids with different tastes in stories. I enjoyed watching the kids' reactions to the book unfold.

Chalk is no Tuesday, which is our gold standard for wordless stories. Unlike Tuesday, the story in Chalk is pretty well fixed. There isn't a whole lot of room here to invent and reinvent the tale. But the pictures in this book are just as good, and the kids still enjoyed the story presented.