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Foxy and Egg - Alex T. Smith Well... My nephew really didn't listen to this one too much, and we read Foxy and Egg after we read Ugly Fish. Upon seeing the cover for Foxy and Egg my niece said, "Oh, great. This is going to be another "eating" book. I can tell." So that comment made me wonder if I was hungry when I checked out the kids' books today, and I spent much of the story wondering if I have some sort of food obsession. :-)

Anyway, my niece listened to the book, but wasn't particularly impressed. She wanted me to give this one two stars, but, I liked the illustrations, and the humor that was loaded into them. The classic movie references were humorous, too, but they were lost on my niece. I've got to add another star to this one just to represent my own enjoyment of Foxy and Egg.