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Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman - Erin Stein, Rick Farley My husband didn't think that my nephew would care much for this Wonder Woman book. He told me that boys typically don't identify much with female superheroes. After talking to my friend Deirdre, however, I decided to give this one a shot. This wasn't the first superhero book that my nephew chose for me to read to him, but it wasn't the last either. Honestly, I really didn't notice that he was any less interested in Wonder Woman than any other superhero. He was just as interested in her backstory as he was in Spiderman's, and he fully accepted her as being equal in strength and capability to Batman, Superman, or Spiderman. At one point I remarked, "Wow. Wonder Woman is pretty strong, isn't she?" My nephew replied, "Well, superheroes are strong, Amy." There was nothing impressive to him that she was strong "for a girl," she was just... strong.

I don't imagine that this will be his favorite superhero book, but I think that's more to do with the plot of this one than because of the fact that Wonder Woman is a female. This book introduced us to Wonder Woman, and told us all about how she became a superhero. The story and pictures presented here weren't as dramatic as those in some of my nephew's other superhero books, and I think that excitement in the stories and action in the pictures is really what holds his interest. He did like this book just fine, though, and I sure would like to see more stories where Wonder Woman is featured.