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Poppy - Avi My niece and nephew were not interested in having me read Poppy to them. Both of them are adverse to "killing," as my niece calls it, and there is a horrid death in the first chapter of this book, and another intense death in one of the final chapters. So, at the kids' request, I did not read this book to them.

I read it, however, and I thought it was really well done. It was exciting, intense, and inspiring. The language was not "dumbed down" for kids, nor was the seriousness of the situations facing Poppy minimized. This book is no shrinking violet, and I'd say this is a book that adults may consider previewing before reading it to kids below the 3rd, or perhaps even the 4th grade level. This is a high calibur story, with high calibur writing and intense situations, and while it's an excellent book, it may be a bit much for more sensitive children.

A couple of weeks ago my eight year old niece told me that she read Poppy, and that she thought it was really good! This surprised me, since, as I mentioned above, she's adverse to "killing." I said, "You liked it? I did, too! I thought it was a great book! But you don't like killing, didn't that bother you?" She responded, "No. I just ignored the killing." Apparently the story was good enough to carry her past the more intense situations. Excellent! We're on to Poppy and Rye!