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Spider-Man: Spider-Man versus Hydro-Man - Susan  Hill, Andie Tong, Jeremy Roberts My nephew and I loved Spider-Man Versus Hydro-Man! My nephew just grinned the whole way through this book, and his eyes were enormous as he looked at the pictures. I had to contain a chuckle when, in this captivated voice, my nephew mused aloud, "Spider-Man is so cool." :-)

The writing in this story is very good, and the author did a wonderful job of capturing Spider-Man's propensity to throw out a good pun or two. She did a good job of perpetuating his "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" persona. The villain was great--not overly threatening, but clearly a good match for Spider-Man, and the illustrations were action packed. This was just a really nicely done superhero book for little kids.