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There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky - Teri Sloat, Stefano Vitale My niece and nephew both loved this book. My niece actually read/sang this one to us. She is by far the best singer in our family, and the words to There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky are set to the tune of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, which is a song she knows well. After our experience reading Punk Farm, I learned that my niece needs to perform all books with a musical element. She did a lovely reading for us, and I was proud of her reading and musical ability.

She was completely attracted to the text and the pictures, and all was going well until we got to the picture of the paintings of unclothed people. I don't think parents really need to worry, the images are not anatomically correct, but good grief, my niece and nephew just could not get past the "naked" people! Those goofballs giggled their brains out! The kids sat side-by-side for about 20 minutes and just read and looked at this book together, they really spent time with it and appreciated it.

This book is such a lovely celebration of human creation myths and of humans' first forays into art and self-expression. The pictures are beautiful, and very evocative of stone age and aboriginal art.

When we were done with this book I asked my niece what she thought of it. She said, "I *loved* it! Five stars!" My nephew told me that he liked it, too. I literally just strolled the aisle at the library where I work, and pulled this book off the shelf completely randomly, without even looking at it. I am pleased that There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky turned out to be such a hit!