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The Mousehole Cat - Antonia Barber, Nicola Bayley The Mousehole Cat was a pretty long story, and I have to admit, I'm particularly surprised at how long it held my nephew's attention. He's only four, so I did not expect him to listen to this story at all. He tuned in and out, left and came back, so by no means did he hear the entire story. But he heard a lot of it, and looked at lots of the picutres, so I have to assume that *something* about this book hooked him.

I really don't have a good sense of my niece's impression of The Mousehole Cat. She listened to the story, but to be fair, her attention was divided. She was working hard on developing some sort of sympathy-inducing ailment. She was about to get in trouble with her mother for not doing her homework, so she really needed to pull out all the stops. :-)

The pictures in this book are just lovely--I really don't have the words to give them the credit they deserve. The scenes and the colors really were very evocative of a seaside village, and the Storm Cat was just fantastic.