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A Seed Is Sleepy - Dianna Hutts Aston Oh, dear. Auntie messed up tonight. Unfortunately, I allowed the kids to have a sugary snack, so part way through A Seed Is Sleepy my niece was practically vibrating from the sugar coursing through her body. The buzz made it challenging for her to concentrate on this story.

What she was able to focus on she enjoyed very much. She started out very intrested, she was looking at the various seeds, she was asking questions and drawing conclusions. The scientist in her was hard at work. After the sugar kicked in, though, I'm not sure she could even focus her eyes, let alone absorb the story. Although she did pop out a random "PHOTOSYNTHESIS" every now and then, so at least I know she heard some words.

The illustrations in this book are quite lovely, and reminded me quite a lot of some of the old botanical plates from the 1930s that I cataloged several years ago from the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. This is a nice book--it's well written and beautifully illustrated. It would be an excellent addition to that elementary school biology unit where the kids sprout seeds in plastic cups.