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Go, Dog. Go! - P.D. Eastman Go, Dog, Go is a little difficult for me to rate. My four year old nephew loves Go, Dog, Go. He thinks it's funny, he is entertained by the story, and it's right at his level of development. It's perfect for him, I'm sure he'd give it four stars if he knew what four stars meant.

My niece has fond memories of Go, Dog, Go from her pre-school and kindergarten days. She was ready to be fully entertained by this story tonight, but she's outgrown it, and I think she was wondering why she used to think this book was so great. Confounded aging!

I like the book for a pre-schooler. It's great for little ones, it teaches lots of concepts, uses nice simple language, and the dogs crack the kids up. There's not much meat to this story for me, though. Of course, I don't think I'm in the target age group any longer, although I'm sure that there are times that my husband would beg to differ. I think that the books in the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems are a lot more entertaining, but Go, Dog, Go is a classic must-have reader for pre-schoolers.