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Aliens Are Coming!: The True Account Of The 1938 War Of The Worlds Radio Broadcast - Meghan Mccarthy Now this is a subject that I would have *never* considered as a viable topic for a children's picture book, but that's why I'm not an author and Meghan McCarthy is! The pictures in Aliens are Coming are great, and they easily conveyed time, mood and setting. I also loved the illustrations of the aliens, and let me just say, the eyes that McCarthy typically draws on her characters are *perfect* for these aliens!

I did have some reservations about the way this book was written. I wasn't sure that McCarthy's choice to present a big chunk of the story as quoted excerpts from the actual broadcast would translate well for my niece and nephew, but it did! Both of the kids were hanging on to the text and the pictures with great interest and involvement.

I'm not too surprised that my niece liked this book, but my nephew is only four, so I didn't expect it to be too impressive to him. Well, I checked out two alien books for the kids tonight; the other was Aliens Love Underpants, which, come on, is going to run circles around this book (it has aliens *and* underwear, after all). After we read both books, though, my nephew asked me to, "read the alien story again." I said, "Which one?" To my great surprise, he didn't pick Aliens Love Underpants, but *this* alien book!