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Astronaut Handbook - Meghan Mccarthy I thought that Astronaut Handbook was a nice, interesting, concise description of what astronauts must do in order to, well, become astronauts. I liked that it wasn't all about how cool it is to be an astronaut, but it stressed that it's a job that comes with a lot of hard work, a lot of training, and a lot of business that may not always be so pleasant. And yet, the book still managed to make this look like a pretty cool thing to be when one grows up!

My niece and nephew both seemed to be interested in this book; they both asked questions about what they were seeing in the pictures and hearing in the text. They were both highly fascinated with the picture of the space shuttle toilet, and with the picture of an astronaut's lunch tray. I don't know if Astronaut Handbook is quite as delightful as Meghan McCarthy's Pop!, but it is a good astronaut story told in a grounded (no pun intended) but fun way. We liked it!