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If I Built a Car - Chris Van Dusen My niece and nephew both enjoyed If I Built a Car, which didn't surprise me. All of us like
Chris Van Dusen's Circus Ship, so I know that the kids like this author's style.

If I Built a Car was colorful, creative, and fun to read. My niece and nephew were both impressed with the fantasy car presented in this book, but I am worried. My nephew asked me if I could build a car like that in the story for him. Hm. I'm afraid that's beyond my current skill set, but I'm flattered that he'd ask.

I enjoy how well Chris Van Dusen writes the rhyming verse in his stories. He is as skillful (I think) as Dr. Seuss at writing rhyming text that holds a child's ear, but he can do that without making up words. When conversation occurs in his books, it flows naturally, and rhymes beautifully. I just like his work, and the kids like his art and his stories. This one is no exception.