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Truckery Rhymes - Jon Scieszka, David Shannon, Loren Long I was not very certain whether or not my nephew would like Truckery Rhymes. He knows some nursery rhymes, but not *that* many, so I kind of wondered if a lot of the creativity in these reworked rhymes would be lost on him. But he did laugh at the reworkings of the rhymes he was familiar with. He was engaged by both the text and the illustrations, and he just loved that we were reading a book that had trucks in it.

For some reason I am not a huge fan of Jon Scieszka's books, but the Trucktown books really seem to fit my nephew's idea of a good book, so they're good enough for me. I learned about Guys Read from the back of this book, and I am very excited about a website dedicated to encouraging reading in males. It *is* hard for me, a female, to find a book that I think would really grab my nephew's attention, because his tastes are not always the same as his sister's or mine. Guys Read will help me find books that lean more toward my nephew's tastes, and I appreciated that this website was mentioned in Truckery Rhymes.