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Anatole - Eve Titus, Paul Galdone My niece and I read Anatloe tonight. We read Anatole and the Cat the other night, and we enjoyed that, so I thought we'd try this first book tonight.

My niece said that she enjoyed Anatloe as much as she enjoyed Anatole and the Cat, and she thought that she'd probably give this one four stars as well. Well... I didn't like this one *quite* as much as Anatole and the Cat. I just thought that story was more interesting, somehow, and Anatlole's determination and spirit just came through more crisply in Anatole and the Cat. I'm kind of glad that we read these books out of order, because if we had read Anatole first, I don't know that I would have picked up another Anatole book. Anyway, since my niece and I are slightly at odds regarding Anatole, I'd probably give this one 3.5 stars if I could.