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Harold and the Purple Crayon - Crockett Johnson Oh dear, this one is tough to rate. My niece and nephew had *completely* different opinions of this book. My niece loved it, and she told me to, "give that one five stars on Goodreads." Well, that isn't going to happen, because my nephew *hated* it. He was sighing, he was squirming, and it was just obvious that while he was interested in what Harold was drawing, this book was also boring him to tears. When we finished the book he said, "Amy, I don't like that story. I just want a cool book!" So apparently Harold and the Purple Crayon has a low "cool" factor.

In my opinion this story was ok. I'd probably be inclined to give it two stars if my children's book ratings were based solely on my opinions of the stories we read. We read this along side of Where the Wild Things Are because I wanted a couple of books about imagination. This story is kinder and gentler than Where the Wild Things Are, but it's also significantly tamer, too. Meh. I didn't love Where the Wild Things Are, and I didn't love Harold and the Purple Crayon. In my opinion, The Brave Cowboy is a much better "imagination" story, but my niece and nephew didn't register that one at all.