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Where Else in the Wild? - David M. Schwartz, Yael Schy, Dwight Kuhn This was a fun book with beautiful photographs of animals at their camouflaged finest. My niece enjoyed the book more than my nephew did, but both of them had fun looking for the animals hidden in their environments.

Neither child had the interest or the patience to listen to the poems that accompanied each animal's page, so evenutally I just quit reading those. I also quickly abandoned my attempts to read the interesting information that was provided about each animal. The act of looking for the animals was just too much fun to bother with literacy or education! :-)

I could see this book appealing to kids from pre-school on up to 3rd or 4th grade. Parents and teachers could use this book in various ways depending on the age of the kids in question. Despite my efforts, the kids in my life just wanted to look at the pictures and find the animals, and I guess that's just perfectly ok, too.