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Tarra & Bella: The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends - Carol Buckley This book tells such a sweet story, and the photographs are beautiful! My niece enjoyed this story more than my nephew did, but surprisingly, neither kid seemed too emotionally invested. I think the kids *liked* this book, but I think their reactions to it were less enthusiastic than I expected. I really thought that my niece would just love this book, but I was much more swept up by the warm-fuzzy factor than she was. My niece spent most of the story wondering how the friendship between this elephant and dog was going to "break," (who knew she was so cynical?), and my nephew spent most of the story wondering when the elephant was going to step on the dog.

Still, the reactions of my niece and nephew aside, this is a lovely book that tells about a wonderful interspecies friendship/companionship. I really think that sensitive children would enjoy this story, and I think it could work well in a classroom setting, too.