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Whose Body? - Dorothy L. Sayers Ok, Whose Body just wasn't my cup of tea. Initially I tried it in audiobook format, but couldn't get through it because I thought I didn't care for the narrator. So, I tried it in print. My apologies to Nadia May (the narrator of the audiobook). It wasn't her, it was Whose Body.

This is a fine mystery, certainly nothing wrong with it, and I'm sure it appeals to a lot of people. The dialogue was witty and sharp. But there was just so much dialogue. The story moved via the conversations of the characters rather than through action statements made by a narrative voice. I don't mean that to be nit-picky, and that is not usually something I mind. But in Whose Body there were just too many voices, too much talking, too few conversational breaks to keep me interested and involved. I couldn't follow all of those people blabbering all the time! I just wanted to shout, "STOP TALKING AND LET ME REST!!" And now, I shall follow my own suggestion.