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A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore, Fisher Stevens What an enteraining story! Christopher Moore's imagination is something else! At various points I found myself thinking that this book was hilarious, that it was a great fantasy, that it was touching, and that it was bizarre (to the point that at times I found myself thinking, "what the hell am I listening to, here?!"). Ultimately I came away from A Dirty Job thinking that this is just one of the weirdest, most entertaining, most creative, and most inexplicable books that I've ever read. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this story and every character in it. Every character--even the minor ones, even the animals.

I listened to this in audiobook format, and the version I listened to was narrated by Fisher Stevens. His narration style was great, his timing was excellent, and he did a wonderful job of leading the listener through this book. What I appreciated about him is that he did the voices of the female characters so well! So often, it seems, male narrators don't quite have the female voice down so well, and many female characters wind up sounding breathy and indistinguishable from one another. Fisher Stevens did not suffer from that problem. Every one of his female voices sounded different and believable, and I really appreciated that. His voice for Fresh was also superb.