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Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë, Susan Ericksen Well, I'm glad that I waited decades to read (or in this case, listen) to Jane Eyre. I'm 40 and married, and I think this story was more impressive and relevant to me now than it would have been when I was Jane's age and single.

In spots the book was a bit too melodramatic and mushy for my taste--that kind of melodrama is why I usually steer clear of romances or love stories. But, given the time this was written, and given that those squishy parts were more than balanced out by Jane's trials and her strength through difficulty, and given that this book was excellently written, I forgive Bronte for inflicting the sappy stuff upon me.

This audiobook was narrated by Susan Ericksen, and she was excellent. Her voice had a pleasant and clear tone, and she did a wonderful job of realistically projecting the emotion in the story. Her narration helped make this book even more enjoyable, and I think it helped to bring realism to the characters, whereas they may have seemed less flesh and blood on the printed page.